SOS survival emergency box is ready
  The frequency of natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, etc. is increasing, power outages in natural disasters, food shortages, communication disruptions, traffic
The rescue workers were unable to enter the disaster-stricken areas. Before the rescuers and relief supplies arrived, we could only rely on ourselves to start self-help and mutual rescue. This requires a certain tool. We have launched this self-rescue box, which has many functions, easy to carry and outdoor essentials.
Product details: defense pen *1, flashlight *1, large size Flint *1, scale compass *1, whistle *1, buckle knife *1, multi-function knife card *1, key lamp *1, box *1, line Saw *1. Product size: 16.8*11*5cm




Weight(g): 390.

Package Weight(g): 410.

Package Size(mm): 168*110*50.

Adventure survival kit

SKU: D0101HHEHKJ-Black