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  • Scent Control: When it comes to whitetail deer and many other big game animals scent control is everything. It can be the key to success or failure. Playing the wind is a main component for hunters. Whether setting up your stand, checking trail cameras or choosing what blind or stand to sit, knowing wind direction and being as scent free as possible is crucial. With this in mind, how about those days or that spot you need to get to, that the wind 99% of the time is not in your favor. Whether land access points are up wind of your hunting spot or you're trying to ambush a target buck that has been slipping just  down wind of your key spots. You can't always wait for the right wind or that perfect day. We have all had to deal with this one time or another. What if you had a product that allows you to achieve the scent control you need and gives you the option of setting up on that bedded buck with confidence?

  •   Wild Winds Hunting Products now gives every hunter that advantage with the Airlocker. Storing all your gear inside the Airlocker to achieve a natural outdoor fresh scent all season gives you the upper hand when it comes to scent control. People have been doing this for years by just hanging their gear outdoors in many different fashions. But lets be honest, every time it rains you scramble to get your gear out of the weather before that storm comes in and gets them soaking wet or blows them into the neighbors yard. Our Airlocker unit stores your clothes and gear properly and safely all season long. When you hang your clothes and gear inside the Airlocker, they begin airing out immediately. 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no extra work, money or time involved. This feature of allowing constant fresh air to circulate within the unit in all weather conditions allows your damp and wet gear to dry naturally, all while infusing a natural outdoor fresh scent to your clothing. The best camouflage you can ever have is smelling like the outdoors to truly blend in with your surroundings. Finally achieve true scent control that saves you time, money and all with no hassle. 

Protection of Gear & Clothes Safely & Naturally:

 When it comes to hunting gear and clothing we all know how expensive it can get, and fast. But we want the best equipment to ensure that we fill our tags and put food on the table for our families. We all plan strategically all year. Whether you are buying new camouflage, checking your trail cameras, planning your stand locations, trimming your shooting lanes, or planting those food plots. We all do this to ensure that we are doing our best to achieve success. But how many of us plan out the care of our clothes and gear? You should because its all relative to scent control and success. You have to have a safe place for your gear when you're not wearing it. A foot locker box, plastic tote, garbage bag, duffel bag, trash can or hanging them on some bushes or a clothes line is not going to cut it. We have all done these things more times than we can count. We never had any other options- now you do. With the Airlocker you can achieve all of this with one unit. With the Airlocker you can store your damp gear without fear of mold or mildew smells. See, you have to have airflow to your gear as soon as you take them off. The Airlocker has constant air circulating, allowing your gear to dry and destroy odors. This is key, now that you have a dry place with natural outdoor freshness, what about UV rays and harsh elements?

  UV rays are the number one killer of your gear and clothes, but are also an important factor in scent control. UV rays kill bacterial that make up human odor and mildew smells. This is a double edge sword  but can be harnessed for good by the Airlocker unit. Throwing your clothes over a clothes line or shrubbery to allow them to air out is great. Because  UV rays kill bacterial and also your unwanted scent. But they also destroy fabric of all kinds and fast. With the Airlocker unit you can achieve all these benefits but also get protection from the UV rays. Our unit blocks most all the UV rays with its outer layer of 900 denier fabric when closed up. You still get constant air flow through the bottom of our unit to allow for your gear to breathe and infuse an outdoor natural fresh scent. Our unit has two layers to it. The inner layer is a Polly coated cotton screen that is water, mildew and UV resistant. So on nice days that it is not raining you can open up the outer fabric to allow maximum airflow to your gear. The screen then acts as a second barrier with great airflow but still allowing a minimal but effective amount of natural elements to your gear to kill bacteria. By giving  your gear this protection you will get more life from your gear/clothes. They will not fade or start to break down and become useless. Also by allowing your gear to naturally deodorize and infuse a natural fresh scent, you can now get more life from your field sprays and washes. For those who want to go a more natural approach by not washing your gear/clothes or spraying your gear/clothes with chemicals that can be harmful to you and your gear, the Airlocker is a perfect fit. The Airlocker truly gives hunters the best choice for protecting and getting the most from their gear.


  When you think about all the hunting gear and clothes a hunter has for all the different weather conditions it can add up fast and take up a lot of space. With this in mind we built the Airlocker spacious enough to accommodate multiple sets of clothes for various weather conditions, while still allowing maximum airflow. Although very spacious, the unit is designed to collapse down small for that hunting trip or the end of season storage. That is right, you can pack this unit up so you can always have your most trusted pieces of hunting equipment with you on every hunt. Be the envy at every hunting camp or lodge and ditch the old ways of storing your gear.  Your new unit is 20" deep And 24" wide and 58" tall. But when you pack it up which only takes minutes, its 20" X 24" X only 6" tall. The Airlocker was designed with hunting and traveling in mind.


  When it comes to Quality we stand with the best of the best. We have designed the Airlocker with the highest quality made materials the country has to offer. Starting from the frames that make up the meat and potatoes of this unit, we have chosen to use only American made steel. Our steel is 3/4", 18 gauge square tubing steel made right here in the good old USA. We tig weld all joint and connections for a superior strong hold. We then powder coat and heat treat our frames for a superb finish that will withstand the test of time. The bottom of our frames have a 3/4" expanded metal that allows superior airflow in when the unit is zipped shut, but allows all water dirt and debris to fall out of the unit. Then we can move onto the the 1" Polly nylon straps that connect the three sections of frame together. This strapping is a water resistant, UV resistant, mildew resistant material that is very strong and very durable. We then have a layer of polymer screen that plays a huge roll in scent control and airing out gear and protecting it from the harsh elements and keeping bugs, animals, and debris off your gear and out of the unit. Next we have the outer 900 denier fabric that is amazingly rugged and is designed to take a beating from the elements so your gear does not. Our canvas is rugged and will last the test of time in some of the harshest elements there are. It is a water resistant, UV resistant, and mildew resistant material and yes it is made in the USA.  All of our fasteners are either stainless steel or aluminum so you don't ever have to worry about them being exposed to the elements and rusting. We truly build our units with quality and pride and wanted to bring back a true American made quality product to our customers.

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