• Steven J Knipp

What is an urban hunter?

At Wild Winds Hunting Products we are not only dedicated to hunting but we are very dedicated to wildlife management. So when I had come across this video that was saying that cities were reaching out to local hunters to try and help control the deer population in the city, this seemed really strange to me because I have always hunted away from the cities. I always found myself as far away from people as I could get. Like most hunters, this is part of the reason why I love hunting. It is peaceful and refreshing to get all of my gear packed up and set up away from the people, the city, the noise, the lights and the stress. It's an adventure for me. The thrill of scouting the woods, the preparations and choosing the right gear. Every little aspect of it. To think that people hunting right on the coat and tails of a city and being successful, possibly even getting paid to hunt, had never really crossed my mind. "URBAN HUNTER"

(Photo by Mike Beaumont)

So as I think about this, I am not sure if it is for me, but it could be the perfect opportunity for some hunters. I have heard stories all my life about that huge buck walking downtown or right in a field just outside of the city. For the urban hunter that has the opportunity, or for people who would possibly like the opportunity to hunt close or within the city limits, it may be a very real possibility for you. You may be able to contact the city and get a special permit to bow hunt that one park or that patch of woods that you have always wanted to hunt. You may be able to help your city or town keep the population of wildlife down to a manageable level as being an urban hunter.

Is this something that you would like doing? I see the value and the need 100%, but is it worth my time to not hunt my regular spot for that big ol buck to help thin the heard in the cities? I don't know. I personally feel the season is short. Maybe if I had filled my personal tags already or they had an early or late season then that would be something to think about. Any ways, happy hunting and scouting. Don't forget to stop in stock up on supplies @ www.wildwindshuntingproducts.com


Urban hunters partner with cities to control deer population.

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