What is the Airlocker?

Wild Winds Hunting Products is committed to bringing hunters the worlds best scent control product on the market. The Airlocker is just that, but this unit is not just limited to scent control. The Airlocker  can be used in many ways to solve every hunters needs. Our unit is so universal and can be used for so many applications, that we can say we stand alone in the hunting industry and are leading the way by giving hunters choices that they never before had, all wrapped up in one Airlocker unit.


Airlocker Unit Key Benefits

  • Scent Control

  • Natural Fresh Scent

  • Store Your Clothes Outdoors Safely

  • Scent Infusion

  • Allows Clothes To Air Out Between Every Hunt

  • Dries Damp Clothes

  • Protects Clothes from Harsh Elements

  • Replaces Many Other Products

  • Saves Time

  • Saves Money

  • Light Weight

  • Durable

  • Portable

  • Multi-layered For Protection

  • Water Resistant

  • Mildew Resistant

  • UV Resistant

                   Travis Smola

  Author and Journalist for Wide open spaces. Click on the link below to read Mr. Smola published article about our Airlocker unit. 

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       Retain a natural fresh scent, while keeping your                      Hunting clothes protected from the elements.

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Why Choose the Airlocker Unit?

This is one of the simplest questions to answer. There are many product on the shelves these days and each one is designed for a specific duty. We as hunters and outdoor enthusiast know that there is not one product that we can buy that can handle all our needs for our field gear until now. Sure there are field sprays, bags, wipes and anything else we can think of, but there has never been a more universal and beneficial product on the market for hunters than the Airlocker unit. Incorporating the Airlocker unit into your strategies for hunting should be just as important as picking your bow, gun, tree stand, blind and your camouflage. We guarantee that our Airlocker will be a game changer for all hunters. The benefits of the Airlocker unit and the money, time & hassle you will save, will pay for the Airlocker in one season. We guarantee our Airlocker for life & we have a 30 day no questions money back guarantee. 

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